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The Remy Kennel Club has always promoted the “Functional Dog”, earning the reputation as the “Home of the Functional American Bully.” A friend of mine shared a quote with me the other day, “Pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be and Performance indicates what the animal actually is.”

A simple sentiment with profound meaning.

The RKC has now elaborated on our functional dog and adopted a complete “Functional Dog Philosophy™” through expanded events and programs. As a departure from other registries that place emphasis solely on a dog’s appearance, the RKC will place emphasis on dogs that are the “Pinnacle of their Pedigrees™”.

Dogs that look and perform equally, the embodiment of our Functional Dog Philosophy™.

As an international registry we expanded to offer programs encouraging responsible dog ownership, and positive canine bond building. Performance based sports, nurture instinct and heritage while commemorating the virtue of our pedigrees. Working with a dog not only cements the timeless proverb, that our canine companions are “man’s best friend”, but also benefits a dog’s mental attitude as well as physical well-being.

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